The 5 Best Travel Websites - How to find the perfect plane ticket.


How to find the Perfect Plane Ticket

From business travelers, to honeymooners to grandma visitors, everyone is expected to find and book their own airplane ticket. Most people are so used to reviewing every possible flight option themselves, that even if you do use a travel agent, you will probably look at your choices first.


“Which flight search engine is the best?” How will you find your perfect plane ticket? The good news is there are some easy to use, online tools to help you find the best flight for your needs. If you are looking for the absolute cheapest flight, pretty much any site will do. However, if you want a flight that meets a number of criteria; you need a robust flight search engine. The most important factors to me are the combination of the lowest price for the shortest flight. The top five websites provide some clever ways to help you find the perfect match.

    • Matrix
    • Hipmunk
    • Kayak
    • Momondo
    • Seat Guru

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