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This website does what few others do – we put tour information from different tour companies, side-by-side so that you can easily compare prices, dates and itineraries. Use the search feature to find just the right trip for you and your friends and family and book it yourself. Or contact us and we will find the perfect vacation and book it for you; at no cost to you!

Doreen at TripTrist

Doreen at TripTrist

I first went camping at 6 months old in Yosemite National Park and I have been adventuring ever since. My family and I have lived in California, Colorado and Arizona, so as a result, I have done a lot of traveling in the Western United States. I am an avid photographer and this website gives me an excuse to take even more pictures.

The TripTrist website provides detailed information about destinations we have been to or have learned a lot about.  Visit our Adventures pages to learn more about vacations based on specific activities, like river rafting, hiking, wine tours or wildlife safaris. You will see up-to-date travel offers from hundreds of tour companies, including some special tours that are not listed on any other travel agency website. We hand-picked them based on our own interests.

Visit our Places pages to learn more about popular travel destinations and places you hadn’t thought about traveling to. Browse through beautiful pictures of far away places and read about new things to do on your next holiday.

For example, we want to go to Patagonia and raft down the Fajardo river. You will see a the Earth River trip listed on the rafting page. Or learn more about traveling down the Yangtze River in China on the River Cruise page.  Sign up for the TripTrist Blog to read about our travel adventures and tour ideas we find for you.

At TripTrist, we believe one of the ways to insure we protect all of the beautiful natural places in the world is to make sure the next generation learns to appreciate  them.  I volunteer my time with the San Jose Inner City Outings, an subset of the Sierra Club. We take local students camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and rafting in California. Ten percent of the profits from TripTrist are donated to San Jose ICO.



Meet Todor Bozhinov

Many of the travel articles on were written by  Todor Bozhinov. He is helping me describe all of our tour company partners and their wonderful tours.

Todor’s journeys have led him from all over Europe to the the depths of Chilean Patagonia, the farthest part of South America. Whether it’s the elegance of the Eiffel Tower, quaint Transylvanian villages or the merry penguins of Tierra del Fuego, he’s always on the look for his next adventure.

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