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Cycling holidays are cultural holidays. Why? Because each route you cycle brings you closer to the country you’ve chosen to visit. They are also a community event. Cycling with a group creates a strong bond; uphill hauls and fun free wheels to the next village are shared by all. Cycling pushes the heart rate and heightens the senses, so expect smiles and all-round satisfaction. You couldn’t pick a healthier holiday option! Just be realistic about your fitness level, decide on how far you might cover in a day, and look at the number of cycling days involved.

Cycling holiday companies set up your bike, provide guides and mechanics, and often ferry your bags on to the next hotel. All the administration is in their expert hands; all you need do is ride. There are many variations of Cycling Tour Vacations – check out one that takes in gastronomical delights,  joins cities of interest, or – for real adventurers – takes you across countries!


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