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Bachelorette Party Trip Ideas

Looking for a Unique Bachelorette Party Idea – Bachelorette Party Cruises

Hold your Bachelorette Party on a Cruise Ship for “off the charts” memorable last fling. Cruise ships offer everything you need for a super fun Bachelorette party. The best part is – they can be more affordable that flying to Las Vegas. There are weekend options available off of both coasts.

How affordable can a cruise be? The day we wrote this we have 20 cruises for under $200 per person for a two night cruise.

That is for an inside cabin.  Another options would be to book a suite at $600 per – that is $200 per night per person for an awesome cabin.  Or go with one of the nicest rooms on the ship that includes a balcony, living room area and other amenities for the bride and Maid of Honor. Hold your private festivities there with everyone else in inside cabins to reduce the overall cost.

These weekend cruise ships – mostly to the Bahamas – include a sunny and warm destination, multiple clubs and dancing venues on and off the ship, world class spas, casinos, wine bars, pools, Broadway style entertainment and a chance to really get away. And don’t forget – all you can eat buffets and fine dining are included in this all inclusive package. Plus, the short cruises tend to be full of other singles – and bachelor parties.

Once at port, enjoy the white sand tropical beaches, grab a beach chair and relax or burn off some steam with some island activities: Zipline, swim, snorkel, play volleyball, paddle boat rides, sailing, kayaking, limbo and more. Take some time to do some duty free shopping and see the sights too.

Short cruises are available off both the east and west coasts of the United States and from Europe, Singapore and Mexico. For the more refined Bachelorette, consider a 3-night Danube river cruise through Budapest, Hungary, Bratislava, Slovakia, Dürnstein, Austria, Vienna.

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