Feeling like your life needs a great accomplishment and a new direction? If you’re into motorcycles, open the throttle and blast on to the epic Around the World Rally by Outback Adventure Treks – “the world’s longest moto rally” and a true bucket list highlight! The rally is limited to 100 participants, so hurry up and register for this unique event!

Australian extreme biking tour operator Outback Adventure Treks’ Around the World Rally will begin in May 2016 and it is envisioned that it will last four months, until August. The choice of roads to ride on is mostly up to you, as long as you’re moving in the right direction – and the 24-hour help and full GPS support will ensure that. Any help with visas, carnets, border crossing and bike transportation is also provided. And of course, you get the magnificent welcome and farewell parties to mark the beginning and end of this remarkable world tour, as well as a souvenir DVD to show everyone at home how you crossed the entire world on a bike.

The motorcycle journey of a lifetime: sign up for the London to London Around the World Rally in summer 2016!

The rally is scheduled to start and finish in the cosmopolitan British capital London, one of the most accessible cities on Earth thanks to its supreme transport connections over air, land and sea. The first part of the tour will cross all of Europe west to east, entering the vast expanse of glorious Siberia on the epic Trans-Siberian Highway and ending up at Magadan, a remote port town on the Pacific Ocean of Russia’s Far East.

The second part of the tour will take you to the home of biker culture – the United States of America, which you will get to cross “from sea to shining sea”. Riding the legendary Trans-America Trail, you will depart from the West Coast, cross the monumental Rocky Mountains and reach the Atlantic through the rolling plains of the Midwest. Even on its own, this part of the tour is an iconic route ingrained in biking culture as the Mecca of any ambitious motorcycling fan!

Become part of an exciting global motorcycling adventure and sign up for the Around the World Rally!

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Important Bike Rally Details

Deadline May 2014
Around the World US $10000
London to Magadan US $8000
Trans America Trail US $5000
Number of Days 4 Months
Group Size Maximum 100

Author: Todor Bozhinov
Bike Photo by Renjith Sasidharan