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If you would like information about a vacation placage or would like to book a trip, please contact us. The best way to reach us is via email.

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Who Are We?

Doreen at TripTrist

Doreen at TripTrist

Hi — I am Doreen and I designed TripTrist to help you easily find fun tours and activities to do on your next vacation.

No need to search through so many websites looking for an exciting vacation. There are over 60 tour companies and 30 cruise companies on this one website.

I am a licensed Travel Agent in California. That means you can trust us to help you and we are fully insured.

How to Search for a Travel Package

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How Does This Website Work?

There are two types of travel packages on this website.

1. Self-Service Travel Packages

You can search for these on the top of the homepage, and other pages. There is a list of all of the affiliate tour operators on the Tour-Partners tab. From there you can click to see a short description of the tour company and a listing of all of the tours they offer.

These tours are linked directly to the tour operator’s website. If you click these affiliate links and buy a package, TripTrist gets paid a little commission.

You will quickly see that these are not big companies with familiar names. These are smaller operators who are excited to show you the best possible vacation in their part of the world. These tour companies offer reasonable prices and personalized service. Often their prices are not in US Dollars. We provide a handy currency conversion tool to help you figure out the cost of the tour in your country’s currency.

2. Full-Service Travel Packages

TripTrist also includes tours and cruises with complete descriptions and details on this website. If you want more information about the cruise or tour, let us know and we will contact the tour operator for you. We can help you decide between different tours and cruises and help you find the best vacation package for you. If you want to purchase one of these travel packages, email us and we will book the trip for you.

You can use this search box to search through the full-service tours and cruises. This search tool is pretty amazing. You can search at least 30 tour companies and 30 cruise companies all in a single action. For example, you can search for a cruise, during the fall of 2014 that visits the port of San Juan Puerto Rico for under $1,5000 per person. That is a very specific query and much better than visiting 30 different cruise company websites.

What Our Customers are Saying

“I used TripTrist to find a great kayaking trip in Key West, Florida. Thanks for making it so easy.”

“Doreen really helped me plan my trip to South Africa. I had an amazing vacation – and even swam with the sharks.”