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Wildlife Immobilization Veterinary course  and Kruger National Park

Brother’s Safari

Over the summer I embarked on my dream voyage to Africa. I took a two-week wildlife immobilization veterinary course through Brothers Safari in South Africa in hopes to learn more about my intended field of medicine. The course exceeded all my expectations.

The instructor was outstanding and made sure all the students took part in the procedures, which included the immobilization of rhinos, zebras, a cheetah, and many species of antelope. Activities included shooting a paintball gun from a helicopter to simulate darting and fishing for poop shoulder deep in a rhino’s butt. I would strongly recommend the course to all students and I believe it’s a great first step for any aspiring veterinarian interested in exotics or wildlife.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

I spent the remaining three weeks of my trip visiting the Garden Route, Cape Town, and Kruger National Park. I got the chance to cage dive with great white sharks, ride an elephant, touch a lion, climb through caves, zip-line, fly a helicopter, and do the highest bungee jump in the world off a bridge. I witnessed a pride of lions eating an antelope, leopards mating, a pack of African wild dogs, and a pod of over 400 dolphins.

Everything from being surrounded by a herd of elephants in the bush to getting robbed by a giant male baboon made it an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to go back!

Adrien Pesque

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