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Monograms plans your vacations just like you would. Save time and money. They research, book hotels, transfers and sightseeing. All you have to do is drive.

We love the Monograms itineraries.  They are what we would want to do.  Your local host is available to greet you and answer your questions, in English. Some sights are included and some are optional – so you can plan a trip that matches your budget. Your trip might even include a flightseeing trip over the Andes Mountains. Some tours are guided and others you explore on your own. All hotels are included.

Doesn’t that sound great? The best part is, the price is not much different than if you booked all of the reservations and did all of the planning yourself.


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The Best Mix of Independent and Worry Free Travel

The Best Tour Option for the Independent Traveler

Are you an independent traveler? Would you rather not travel on the tour bus from town to town? Maybe you want to travel with your children and want the freedom rest when you need to. Or you like to visit more unique and unusual destinations. For example, we like to stay a little longer at the most beautiful locations to wait for the right lighting to take the perfect photo. It is tempting to DIY travel, especially in an English speaking country.

We have planned many vacations and you probably have too. What does it take to make sure your holiday is perfect? It takes a lot of time and planning!

  • Book Flights
  • Book Hotels
  • Research Sightseeing Destinations
  • Research and Book Side Tours
  • Find out what the local holidays are, when things are open and closed and do people speak English?
  • If you are driving – then map out your stops and design daily itineraries. Don’t forget to print maps.

All of these activities require looking at many websites, taking notes, saving ideas and looking for prices. After your research is complete, you might have to “sell” your choices to your travel partner – spouse, significant other, parents, children and revise your plans. Once you finally start your trip, you are on your own; there is no one waiting at your destination to help you.

Monograms Destinations: Europe, North America, South & Central America, South Pacific, Africa, Asia

These trips cannot be booked online. Contact us and we can answer your questions and book your trip when you are ready.

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