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About Nepal:  Your Family Adventure Holiday or Gap Adventure

Nepal is a majestic country of striking natural beauty, rich and diverse traditional culture and numerous opportunities for adventure travel. It is easy to get spoiled by the outdoor adventure vacation options in Nepal.

  • The places to visit in Nepal include the world’s highest mountain chain, the imposing Himalayan range, towering on one side
  • Visit the thick tropical jungles with their vast variety of Asian wildlife
  • Add the ancient religious sites of the mystical Kathmandu, (Nepal map below), Nepal Valley and the magnetic birthplace of Buddha and you have a travel destination that ought to be on any avid traveler’s bucket list.
  • Travelers looking for a challenging Adventure Holiday do the Annapurna Circuit Trek through the Himalayas or do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

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Explore the Highlights of Nepal with an Accessible Adventure Tour

With Accessible Adventure’s Real Nepal Tour, you will get the chance to spend 12 unforgettable days discovering the top highlights of Nepal’s nature and culture. The tour package combines cultural trips, urban walking tours, mountain trekking in Nepal and jungle safaris to immerse you in the universe that is Nepal and to send you on a thrilling adventure trip. Tourists who discovered Nepal with Accessible Adventure describe the experience as a “trip [that] will be forever in my mind and is certainly an inspiration to start a new project of life” – get inspired yourself and join the Real Nepal Tour now!

Accessible Adventure, adventure travel company, offers 10 different tour packages of Nepal. Learn more on the Accessible Adventure website. They include other Nepal tour packages, Bhutan Travel Tours, Annapurna Circuit Trekking and Mt Everest Base Camp trips.

Nepal Tour Package: Days 1 & 2 in Kathmandu

Your Nepali adventure vacation will begin with pickup from Kathmandu Airport and arrival at your comfortable accommodation. You will have the remainder of day one to make yourself familiar with your new surroundings and embrace the spirit of the Nepali capital.

Day two will guide you through Kathmandu’s main attractions, including Nepal’s famous temples that have been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The Hindu temple of Shiva at Pashupatinath will mesmerize you with its legendary history and holiness – only born Hindus are even allowed to approach it! Next on the list is Boudhanath, a magnificent Buddhist holy site housing one of the world’s largest stupas, a monument of truly epic proportions. Another major shine for Tibetan Buddhists is the Monkey Temple of Swayambhunath, inhabited by ascetic sadhus (holy people) and sacred monkeys and dating to the 5th century. And of course, your glorious city tour will not be complete without the grandiose Kathmandu Durbar Square, the monumental site of the royal palaces of Nepal with their sophisticated architecture employing skilfully-crafted wood-carved elements.

After meeting the striking sights of Kathmandu, you will travel to the picturesque resort village of Nagarkot where you will spend the night. Just why you have arrived to this scenic “hill station” at nearly 2,200 meters (7200 ft.) you will discover as soon as the sun rises in the morning. The view from Nagarkot is truly breathtaking: you will see the immense snowy peaks of the Himalayas shining before you, including the majestic Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh… and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain!

Days 3 to 8: Scenic Spiritual Villages and Mesmerizing Himalayan Vistas

The rest of day three will be dedicated to Nepal’s rural heritage with walking tours of quaint villages and ancient towns. Day four will await you with an entertaining three-hour hike to the renowned Namo Buddha pilgrimage site deeply tied to the epic story of Buddha. Next on the tour is a visit of the charming Gorkha District and the traditional town of Bandipur which has succeeded to preserve its old-time customs and atmosphere, as well as Pokhara, the City of Lakes, known far and wide for its striking up-close views of the Himalayas’ eight-thousanders. To appreciate the charm of Pokhara’s surroundings, you will embark on a memorable boat tour of the scenic Fewa Lake.

Day seven will once more send you up into the hills – to picturesque Sarangkot, a village appreciated for its sunrise panorama of towering Annapurna, which ranks among the world’s most dangerous summits to attempt. After breakfast, you will explore the vibrant town of Tansen, once the capital of the regionally influential Kingdom of Tanahun.

Day eight promises one of the most famous locations in all of Nepal – the mythical birthplace of Buddha himself, Lumbini. Marked by a proud Ashoka Pillar, Lumbini is a site of utmost significance for the Buddhist faith and large numbers of dedicated pilgrims flock to it annually. Lumbini, deservedly a UNESCO World Heritage Site, features ruins of ancient monasteries and temples for you to explore.

Days 9 to 12: Rainforest Wildlife and Jungle Adventures in Chitwan

This spiritual experience also marks a watershed in your tour – from the grandiosity of the mountains onto the variety of the jungles! Your Asian jungle safari will begin on the very same day – hop on the back of a friendly elephant and enter the dense tropical rainforest! Learn more about the elephant population of Nepal at the elephant breeding center and embark on a canoe expedition. And before dinner, witness a unique side of Nepali culture and see the Tharu stick fighting dance.

You will spend the next two days discovering the wonders of Chitwan National Park on the back of an elephant. A humid tropical area hailed as the Heart of the Jungle, Chitwan boasts an amazing variety of wildlife – you will have the opportunity to observe regal Bengal tigers, prowling leopards, sturdy rhinos, hazardous crocodiles and crafty king cobras, all in their natural habitat! Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of curious bird species and unique plant species like the silk cotton tree, kapok.

On day eleven, you will say goodbye to the jungles of Chitwan and head back to Kathmandu late in the morning. On the way back, you will stop at Kurintar and take the cable car to the heights of Manakamana, a venerated Hindu temple high up on the ridges.

If you’re looking for a Nepal tours that include the most popular Nepal tourism destinations, then look no further than the Real Nepal Tour Package by Accessible Adventure. With ancient Hindu and Buddhist sites to inspire you, grand mountain panoramas to take your breath away and the depths of the jungle to supply the thrill of your lifetime, a world-class Nepali adventure is guaranteed!

The Real Nepal Tour with Accessible Adventure

  • Cultural tours to Katmandu Temples, Namo Buddha, Lumbini, Manakamana
  • Walks thought cities, villages and Nepal’s countryside
  • Mountain Trekking with views of the Himalayas
  • Jungle safari with an Elephant Ride and wildlife viewing
  • Photography Opportunities

Tour Details

  • 12 Days
  • Price starts at $1,190 USD depending on the season. Children are ½ price. (Check website to confirm your dates)
  • Car and mini bus transportation
  • Easy Walking Tour: No special physical requirements
  • Best seasons: March to May and October to November
  • Airport transfer
  • Lodging with Breakfast
  • Maximum group size – 14

What You Need to Know

  • Obtain a Nepal Visa from the Embassy of Nepal. Their website says it takes 3-4 days to issue.
  • It is expected that you tip your tour guide
  • Not all meals are included

Accessible Adventure’s Commitment to Responsible Tourism

Accessible Adventures is dedicated to decreasing the global impact of tourism. As a result they are moving towards the promotion of responsible tourism through cultural and environmental awareness.  They offer a “Just a Drop Charity Donation” where guests may make a small donation for buying small gifts (books, stationery items) for needy children in the country.

They also organize a 2 days Health Awareness Campaign every year in Jyamrung village, in mid hill-side of Nepal, 130 km. away from Kathmandu through Jyamrung Welfare Society.  Tour participants are offered the opportunity to donate $20 USD to the cause.

Interactive Map of Katmandu

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