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A safari among African wildlife like zebras, giraffes and lions and a trek to a snowy mountain in the same trip? This is all possible with E-Trip Africa, a tour operator experienced in providing amazing journeys to East Africa. E-Trip Africa’s tours include visits to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara as well as hiking expeditions to the tops of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya supported by a specialized trekking team.

With the widest selection of accommodation options in East Africa and the possibility to organize custom “make-your-own”-style tours, E-Trip Africa’s diverse team of travel professionals is sure to deliver the adventure of your dreams. Check out the destinations here!

Hike Kilimanjaro: make a trekking dream come true and climb Africa’s highest mountain!

Mt Kilimanjaro, the legendary mountain in Tanzania just next to the border with Kenya, promises a different kind of African adventure. Rather than being your classic safari or gorilla expedition to the jungles, Mount Kilimanjaro is a trekking challenge of epic proportions that should be on any avid hiker’s bucket list!

5,895 meters (19,341 feet) tall, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The mountain is composed of three volcanic cones, named Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira; while the latter are both extinct, Kibo is still a dormant volcano. And though it hasn’t erupted for over 150,000 years, its crater still emits volcanic gas!

With Uhuru, the snow-capped and misty summit of Kibo, towering above the savannas of northern Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is among Africa’s iconic sights. Unfortunately, Kilimanjaro’s magnificent millennial glaciers have been melting rapidly due to climate change and their disappearance may be a matter of years, so hurry up and visit before this last bastion of African ice changes forever!

E-Trip Africa, an experienced tour operator and hiking partner, offers a multitude of guided hiking tours to the summit of Kilimanjaro. As the trails on the mountain are walkable and no mountaineering experience is required, tourists flock to Kilimanjaro unprepared and unaided to often fail in their quest because due to physical exhaustion or altitude sickness. However, with E-Trip Africa’s well-designed and carefully-managed expeditions, you can be confident of reaching the summit because of the excellent support and organization.

As many as six different routes are regularly used by expeditions to the top of Kilimanjaro, and for tourists it can be a difficult problem to choose the most appropriate hiking trail. Here we have presented the three top trails for you to choose from!

The Machame trail: a scenic hike with great acclimatization opportunities

E-Trip Africa offers 6/7-day expeditions to Kilimanjaro via the Machame trail. The route is a balanced combination of somewhat less strenuous hiking, a reasonable acclimatization time and a bearable amount of traffic, especially in the beginning.

The Machame trek begins with a walk through the rainforest, entering the Shira Plateau on the third day for some scenic views of Kibo and its glaciers on the Western Breach. Day four visits the astounding Lava Tower beneath the glaciers before descending to the Barranco Valley for acclimatization. The next day of hiking will take you up the Barranco Wall and onto the ridges, from where you can observe the vast savanna lowlands below, before negotiating the challenging Traverse Route up the Barafu Ridge on day six.

Day seven will take you on a thrilling midnight attempt to the summit, with sunrise views of the highest point of Africa. Descending the mountain, you will arrive at the town of Moshi for some comfortable accommodation at the Stella Maris lodge – complete with hot showers and a delicious dinner to celebrate your achievement!

The Lemosho route: an extended and unspoiled trek away from the crowds

E-Trip Africa’s expeditions on the Lemosho route take 8 or 9 days to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit. This ensures that you will be well acclimatized and in top shape for the demanding walk to the top. What’s more, the Lemosho route is hailed as perhaps the most scenic of the three, which means you’ll get to enjoy the best possible scenery during the entire trek!

The trail starts with you making your way through the jungle wilderness before ascending up to the Shira Crater and visiting the Shira Caldera, an isolated desert plateau filled with ancient lava, on day three. Day four promises some great mountaineering time – a trek to the magnificent Shira Cathedral is in order! Then you will continue your way up the plateau and into the Lent Hills, already at a height of 4,700 meters (15,400 ft.), before descending to the Barranco Valley for acclimatization.

Via the difficult Traverse Route on day eight, you will reach the striking Barafu Ridge and ascend the top of Africa during the night of day nine. Day ten will motivate you on your way down with the thoughts of the homely amenities of the Stella Maris Lodge, awaiting you in Moshi!

The Rongai hike: a rapid alternative ascent on the northern side

The Rongai route is the most uncommon of the three options chosen by travelers. It offers a steep and somewhat less scenic ascent at the northern foot of Kilimanjaro on trails where you’re unlikely to be facing a lot of traffic. If you want to avoid the crowds and you’re pressed for time, the Rongai route may well be the right choice for you!

The route avoids the thick jungles of the Lemosho and Machame trails, instead approaching the mountain through farmland inhabited by lots of African animals and visiting the Rongai Caves. Continuing steeply up to the Second Cave on day three, you’ll already be seeing the highest summit of Kilimanjaro towering in front of you. On day four, you will camp near the Kikelewa Caves and then ascend to the spectacular Mawenzi Tarn, with views over the grasslands of Kenya to the north.

Day six will reach the Kibo Crater Wall through moon-like high-mountain terrain and leave you some time to gather strength for the summit attempt during the night. Some breathtaking views of the highest point will make your morning unforgettable, and having conquered Africa’s first mountain, you will hike down to the comfort of the Stella Maris lodge in Moshi.

Whichever way up to the summit you choose, Mt Kilimanjaro promises a hiking adventure you will never forget. And with E-Trip Africa’s professional guides assisting you throughout the journey, you will make sure you get the smoothest and most trouble-free experience possible! Book your dream Kilimanjaro trek today!