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Spring Break Work Vacation with Ecoteer

If you’re considering the best options to spend spring break doing something fun, engaging and environmentally responsible, then Ecoteer Responsible Travel’s overseas work volunteer programs ought to be your choice number one. Ecoteer is a company with four years of experience in volunteering vacations offering unforgettable ecotourism holiday in Asia and Africa. While staying home for spring break may be okay and going on a standard beach holiday may be kind of fun, there is nothing more rewarding and memorable than helping preserve our nature and our communities. And with fellow vacation volunteers your age and placements in amazing international locations, you’re sure to have the time of your life just a well!

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Elephant Care Volunteer

If elephants are your spirit animal and you enjoy community development work, you’ll definitely have fun with the Elephant Volunteer Project in Sri Lanka, a scenic island in the Indian Ocean! Learn more about the place of elephants in the tourism industry and contribute to a more humane treatment of these gentle giants who are often enchained day and night. You’ll work a lot with the elephants themselves, taking them on chain-free walks and interacting with the local rural community.

Experience responsible travel in Thailand by volunteering with a rescue wildlife centre. Volunteer with animals including gibbons, macaques, civets, loris, leopards, tigers, bears, crocodiles, exotic birds and more. This volunteering vacation is a good way to have a view of how a wildlife centre operate as well as meeting other people who are as passionate as you when it comes to saving wildlife.

Volunteer with Animals

Are you a fan of tigers and yoga? Then hop on Ecoteer’s Karma Yoga – Tiger Conservation working holidays in the jungles of Malaysia! Spend a week doing yoga twice daily and devote the rest of your time to tiger conservation in Malaysia. Meet the Bateq native tribe, go on jungle trek with professionals to counteract tiger poaching activities and share an unforgettable experience with young people from all over the world! Previous participants lauded the program as an “unforgettable week” that was thoroughly “beneficial”. Or spend two weeks and climb to the peak of Mount Korbu, visit the Orang Asli people, see rainforest wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, caves, , and so much more.

Charity Holidays on the Perhentian Islands

Are you thinking of spending your spring break on the beach but want to do community development and environmental volunteering at the same time? The Perhentian Marine Research Volunteer Project is just the right choice for you! Be a spring break volunteer overseas. The warm coasts of the Perhentian Islands of Malaysia are an important habitat for sea turtles and you’ll be helping scientists observe, map and protect this natural area. Over one or two weeks, you’ll learn how to scuba dive (or practice this exciting watersport if you already know how) and contribute to the  Perhentian Island community by interacting with the local children. Plan the best responsible holiday on an island paradise!

Ecoteer offers even more charity holidays, week-long or longer volunteer work vacations. Check out their website and make the world a better place… and yourself a better person!

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