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Freycinet National Park Experience Walk

 How does walking through pristine nature at day and staying the night at an award-winning lodge sound to you? This can be a reality with the Freycinet Experience Walk offered by the Friendly Beaches Lodge on the coastland of Australia’s secluded island of Tasmania, in the Freycinet National Park on one of Earth’s southernmost inhabited islands.


Prized as one of the Great Walks of Australia, this outstanding four-day walk is sure to become a lifelong memory. And with the top-quality accommodation at the Friendly Beaches Lodge, you can dine on excellent meals and rest in total comfort to prepare for the next day of big landscapes. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind opportunity here!




A Lodge-based Trek Among Virgin Tasmanian Wilderness: Meet the Freycinet Experience Walk!

For people all over the world and even for Australians, Tasmania remains a synonym for a faraway place with pristine nature. And without doubt, this exotic island at the southern end of the world lives up to its reputation. Tasmania’s rugged coastline, secluded bays, sandy beaches and pink granite mountains are all waiting to be discovered.

And what better way to experience Tasmania’s natural beauty than to embark on an unforgettable hiking tour of one of the island’s prized jewels, the famed Freycinet National Park? The Freycinet Experience Walk, counted among the Great Walks of Australia, is a hiking trip on which astounding landscapes meet the comfort of an eco-friendly lodge secluded among the woods. The Friendly Beaches Lodge offers top-quality accommodation and sophisticated local dining. Staying at the stylish lodge would allow you to unwind in a pleasant atmosphere and reflect on the hiking as you prepare for another day of sensational natural experiences.

Tourists are ecstatic about the Freycinet Experience Walk. Travelers review it as the most memorable four days they’ve ever spent and rate it among the best things you can do for yourself. Guests at the lodge also note that the meals and hospitality were outstanding, the staff professional and helpful. Overall, people regard the walk and accommodation as the best of both worlds and as a truly remarkable walking experience.

Know Your Destination: Wonderful Tasmania and its Hidden gem, the Freycinet Peninsula

Tasmania is a place which to many sounds almost mythical. This is true particularly if you associate this island with the bizarre animals that inhabit it, like the Tasmanian devil, who most people identify as a cartoon character rather than a real species. But in fact, the Tasmanian devil does exist, and if you’re lucky you may even spot one on your hikes as part of the Freycinet Experience Walk!

Tasmania is a large island just off the southeastern coast of Australia. It is sparsely inhabited, with a population of just over 500,000 over an area as extensive as Portugal or the state of Maine. Due to its isolation, Tasmania boasts unique animal and plant species and extreme diversity.

The Freycinet Peninsula protrudes from Tasmania’s eastern shores. All of the peninsula, including the Friendly Beaches, Wineglass Bay and Schouten Island, is included in the Freycinet National Park. Once populated by Tasmanian Aborigines, Freycinet is a land of spectacular beaches, towering cliffs and craggy peaks of pink granite offering panoramic views of the entire peninsula. The local wildlife includes echidnas, possums, wallabies and wombats, and the Tasmanian devil is still known to wander in the nearby woods.

Four Days of Top-notch Walking: Learn the Itinerary

The Freycinet Experience Walk involves four active days of hiking, with walks normally taking no more than 6 hours a day and led by experienced guides at all times. On foot and via transfers by boat and vehicles, tourists get to experience the entirety of the peninsula and see all of the highlights that this secluded place promises.

Day One of the tour begins in Hobart, the state capital of Tasmania and the island’s chief transportation hub, with a picturesque bus journey to Coles Bay in the northern part of Freycinet.

From Coles Bay, this first day of exploration continues with a breathtaking sea cruise along the entire peninsula and down to Schouten Island at its southern end. Upon disembarking, there are options to trek up Bear Hill for panoramic vistas of Freycinet or, for avid fishers, to go flathead fishing in the waters between Schouten Island and the peninsula.

After a return journey by boat to Coles Bay, you will have the entire evening to relax at Friendly Beaches Lodge and let the magnificent start of this tour sink in, sipping quality wine and enjoying gourmet meals.

The target destination of Day Two is the famous Wineglass Bay at the peninsula’s south end, with two alternative trails to be taken. You can choose between a pleasant five-hour stroll through serene forests and calming beaches and a challenging eight-hour hike involving an ascent to the top of Mt Graham for some unrivaled views of Wineglass Bay and its characteristic shape. Whichever you decide on, you’ll have the chance to bathe in the crystal-clear waters of the bay before heading back to Friendly Beaches Lodge for a delightful evening.

Day Three is based around a walk on Bluestone Bay, known for its fascinating geological features and distinctive native flora. You’ll have the opportunity to walk up the cliff tops of the bay for some mesmerizing views of the white sandy beaches, then make your way back to the lodge for your last night on a trail once used by Tasmanian Aborigines.

Day Four presents you with the option to take a three-hour morning walk to observe black swans and pelicans at Saltwater Lagoon. You’ll then say goodbye to Freycinet and Friendly Beaches Lodge with an enjoyable brunch before catching the bus back to Hobart.

If you’re ready to embark on your Tasmanian walking adventure among the virgin nature of Freycinet National Park, enquire about the walk here! The rate covers transport from Hobart and back, three nights of accommodation with gourmet local wine and dine and professionally guided trekking in small groups of up to 10. Even passes to the park as well as a jacket and pack are included in the price!


Where is Tasmania?

Tasmania is the island State of Australia. It lies 240 kilometres south of the Australian mainland.