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New Orleans City Tours

Experience New Orleans: discover Louisiana’s pearl with its emotional history and elegant culture!

New Orleans, the tourism capital of the American South, is a city with a magnificent past and a vibrant present. Famous worldwide for its rich musical and culinary traditions and its fusion of French, Spanish and African cultures, New Orleans is a magnetic destination with innumerable attractions and things to do on the shores of the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain.

From the aesthetic colorful architecture of the French Quarter and the grand mansions on Esplanade Avenue and St. Charles Avenue to the solitude of New Orleans’ beautiful cemeteries and the tranquil City Park, New Orleans provides diverse tour opportunities. In recent times, the city has been haunted by the spirit of elegant decay – both gradual and through sudden dramatic events like Hurricane Katrina – though also invigorated by the feeling of hope and rebirth following the disaster.

Livery Tours offers the finest selection of New Orleans tours, each guided by professional historians with the most in-depth knowledge about the city. Whether you’d like to explore The Big Easy on foot, in a comfortable limousine or even in a Cessna plane, Livery Tours can organize an unforgettable experience in America’s most sophisticated city.

The Best of New Orleans: explore the majestic city in a comfortable fashion on this one-of-a-kind transportation tour!

Livery Tours’ The Best of New Orleans tour has to be one of the most elegant ways to discover the manifold history and culture of Louisiana’s largest city. Avoiding the notorious heats in the comfort of a luxury limousine supplied with always-cold bottled water, you get the chance to visit many of New Orleans’ diverse neighborhoods in a single day, a task practically impossible to accomplish on foot. The Best of New Orleans experience expands on the three-hour Highlights tour and includes all of the sights and places provided for in this tour. A delicious lunch is also included: you get to choose either an on-the-go Louisiana specialty, the po’ boy sandwich, or a relaxed meal at the Brennan Family Restaurant.

The Best of New Orleans tour will take you to the Lower Ninth Ward, an area of New Orleans infamously impacted by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. While the horrors of Katrina are still noticeable in the neighborhood, encouraging signs of rebirth are popping up all around. One of the most renowned developments are the famous Brad Pitt homes, a range of 150 houses rebuilt through the aid of the actor’s Make It Right Foundation. Another remarkable renovation project in the area is the Musicians’ Village, a neighborhood inspired by music and initiated by the efforts of Harry Connick.

The next destination is the Warehouse/Arts District, a rapidly gentrifying area that is now inhabited by many artists and creative professionals. Due to its trendiness and its reputation as a fashionable place to reside, the district was counted by the Forbes among the United States’ hippest hipster neighborhoods.

Delve into the elegant past of America’s most unique city!

From the trendy Warehouse/Arts District, the tour takes a turn to the elegance of the past, with a drive along St. Charles Avenue en route to the picturesque greenery of the Garden District.  St. Charles Avenue is an imposing thoroughfare lined with elaborate mansions constructed by New Orleans’ once thriving upper class. The avenue is also home to the massive edifices of the renowned Tulane and Loyola universities, as well as numerous historic hotels.

The Garden District is ripe with the sophisticated spirit of old. Abounding in impressive 19th-century mansions, some comparable to European royal palaces, the area is inhabited by many celebrities, including Nicolas Cage, Sandra Bullock and Peyton Manning. And of course, Livery Tours’ knowledgeable guides will be sure to help you spot their homes!

New Orleans is known worldwide for its aesthetic European-style cemeteries with mostly above-ground tombs typical for Spain and France. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is a particular highlight, as it has been featured in many Hollywood movies as well as the vampire novels of New Orleans’ very own best-selling author, Anne Rice.

Esplanade Avenue, another unmissable part of New Orleans’ history and architecture, is the address of many imposing antebellum houses once owned almost exclusively by the city’s richest Francophone (French Creole) people. Often called the millionaire’s row of the French Quarter, Esplanade Avenue also includes the stylish Musson House, famously inhabited by artist Edgar Degas in 1872-73.

Another reminder of Hurricane Katrina follows in Treme, the neighborhood brought to international fame by HBO’s successful TV series of the same name. The drama show, set in the area itself, describes the life of New Orleans residents in the aftermath of the disaster. Visit the famous neighborhood and see where exactly the series was filmed, with the aid of Livery Tours’ helpful guides!

Finally, do not miss the chance to relax in the green spaces of New Orleans’ charming City Park, dating to 1854. While today it is a natural hub of recreation for the locals, in the past it used to be an area where emotional duels decided the fate of many brave individuals.

Whether you want to see the healing wounds of Katrina and share your compassion with the sturdy residents of New Orleans, or you want to delve into the stylish history and culture of this prime city of the American South, Livery Tours’ The Best of New Orleans tour boasts the perfect opportunity. Book a tour now and discover a p of sophistication and rich traditions!

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