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Outback Adventure Treks

Do you have a passion for motorcycles and an adventurer’s spirit? Then an expert-led motorcycle journey of Australia arranged by Outback Adventure Treks may well be your dream vacation!

Outback Adventure Treks are not your ordinary tour company. Founded in 2003, the Australian tour operator consists of proper biking experts who have conducted dozens of ambitious tours on the isolated dirt roads of Australia’s great Outback. Whether it’s a 16-day trans-Australian tour or the magnificent Chasing Dakar trip through South America, designed to coincide with the world-famous Dakar Rally, Outback Adventure Treks specializes in grand endurance, off-road and adventure motorcycle tours. The company has seven well-designed tours to choose from, as well as the possibility to tailor your own adventure, whether to ride the red sands of the Simpson Desert or to explore the unspoiled wilderness of Cape York Peninsula.

And while you may find yourself off the well-traveled highways for the majority of the time, you can be sure you’ll never miss out on quality and hearty meals or top-notch technical support! Outback Adventure Treks’ tough guy experts will always be around to assist you on your trek… and point you to the most legendary of biker bars and pubs for a well-deserved cold beer at the end of the day!

As a rule, tours are meticulously planned and kept to a low number of participants (an average of ten) so that everyone on board can enjoy the perfect individual experience. Accommodation is usually set up as camping on the trail (with the evening barbecue a must!), though in some cases hotel and/or hostel lodging may be possible. And if you can’t bring your own bike, the company also offers the option to use one of theirs for the entire adventure – saving you the hassles and fees of bike freight. Start the engine and see what you can do!

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